Praia da Figueira

Praia da Figueira

All visitors are able to swim in calm and crystalline waters with a pleasant temperature.

Figueira Beach boasts a beach with pristine white sand and a 60,000 m² freshwater lagoon teeming with fish. For the thrill-seekers, you can enjoy a ride on one of the largest and tallest ziplines in Bonito, take a kayak or stand-up paddle ride, or test your balance on a slackline or pedal boat. Additionally, there are plenty of amenities on-site, including hammocks, a restaurant, snack bar, biribol, and a sand volleyball court.

Location: 14km from Bonito
Duration: no limitation
Includes: life jacket

Optional: lunch, snorkeling, boat ride and ATV.
Recommended Age: Recommended for all ages.
Restrictions: to use the zipline, guidance from the monitors is required


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