Ecotourism Destination in Brazil

Unleash your adventurous spirit and immerse yourself in the breathtaking natural beauty of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil’s premier ecotourism destination. Embark on a dream journey to Bonito and the Pantanal, where pristine landscapes, vibrant wildlife, and unparalleled experiences await you.







5 Reasons Why Mato Grosso do Sul Must Be on Your Bucket List

Unparalleled Ecotourism Adventures

Rich Biodiversity

Stunning Natural Landscapes

Cultural Immersion

Commitment to Sustainability

Add Mato Grosso do Sul to your bucket list and embark on an unforgettable journey filled with adventure, wildlife, and the purest expressions of nature.

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Ep. 02 A journey to the center of the Earth

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Ep. 03 The culture of the Pantanal

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Ep. 04 Serra do Amolar

Activities and Main Attractions

Whether you’re seeking tranquility or thrilling outdoor activities, Mato Grosso do Sul promises an ecotourism experience like no other. Let the enchanting wonders of Bonito and the Pantanal captivate your senses and inspire your next dream trip. Discover ecotourism at its finest in the heart of Brazil.


Experience an unforgettable adventure in the midst of nature with professionally trained teams and state-of-the-art equipment, whether you choose to rappel down a 156-meter-high waterfall or a 72-meter-deep cave.


Experience the excitement of boating in Bonito/Serra daBodoquena, where calm stretches of the river are mixed with thrilling rapids and waterfalls. Perfect for families and friends, or even meeting new people while enjoying a fun water fight.


Following a short trek through the riparian forest, immerse yourself in the crystal-clear river and let the gentle current take you on a journey through a serene world adorned with verdant foliage and home to diverse aquatic fauna – an experience that will stay with you forever!


Day or Night safaris in Mato Grosso do Sul are a unique and exciting way to experience the wildlife of the region. Led by experienced guides, these safaris take you on a thrilling adventure through the Pantanal wetlands, where you can observe animals such as jaguars, capybaras, caimans, and giant otters. 


For those who have never done it but are curious, even for the most experienced. Diving into the crystal-clear waters of Bonito is to experience different sensations.


How about finding underground treasures? In Mato Grosso do Sul, you’ll find experiences to connect with centuries-old formations designated as UNESCO heritage.


Discover the largest waterfall in the state! As you venture into trails, you’ll come across beautiful waterfalls that calm any thoughts. Make the journey to a waterfall to understand the value of the final destination.


Passionate about trails? You’ll find thousands of options leading to the most charming attractions of Mato Grosso do Sul.

Sport Fishing

A fishing trip in Mato Grosso do Sul offers a unique and rewarding opportunity to connect with nature and immerse yourself in the region’s rich culture and biodiversity.


A birdwatching trip in Mato Grosso do Sul offers a unique and rewarding opportunity to connect with nature and explore one of South America’s most diverse ecosystems.

Soft Adventures

You will find several adventure sports options for all ages in the middle of nature, such as kayaking, rappelling, tree climbing, zip lining, quad biking and mountain biking. Equipped with security management and options for all audiences, just choose your favorite and immerse yourself in nature!

Horseback Riding

Experience horseback riding excursions and the famous “comitivas” in the Pantanal. Mount a horse and venture out like the Pantaneiros do, immersing yourself in the culture and ranches of the destination.

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